Quecksilbergarten | Mercury Garden

New Catalogue
112 pages

Design: Distaff Studio
Photos: Jens Franke
Text: Sylvia Sadzinski

Created in the frame of the 32. scholarship in the Trittauer Wassermühle 2023/24

Funded by the Sparkassen-Kulturstiftung Stormarn and the Liebelt Foundation.

„Transferring the attraction of Simone’s works into a book object, we embossed individual elements of her work onto the cover. The familiar and recognizable forms, upon closer inspection, trigger an awkward, almost unsettling feeling. When you open the catalog, the negative of the shapes serves as part of the table of contents and becomes a narrative and functional element at the same time. Another key component of our design is the concentrated color of the poisenous lily of the valley. Green yet yellowish, it refers to the ambiguous character of Simone Karl’s work and creates a link to the eponymous title Mercury Garden.“

– Distaff Studio


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